Q & A with Davis Graham

Jackson High School senior outfielder and Ohio Wesleyan University commit Davis Graham took some time to answer questions about his baseball career to this point.  The longtime Massarelli Baseball School student is helping the Polar Bears in the heart of the order and atop the Federal League standings looking for another trip to Columbus.

What were the main factors that led to you choosing OWU?

DG: The right balance of academic and athletic focus, I liked the culture that Coach Mott’s program has, and I met a couple professors during my visit who reinforced the personalization of the eduction.

Best and worst part of the recruiting process?

DG: Best: Exploring all the options in a variety of places, sizes, and programs
Worst: You don’t always get all the information all the time, making it hard to tell where you stand on recruiting boards

What role did your coaches and family play?

DG: My family supported exploring all the options and traveled extensively with me to find the right fit. My coaches were always available for references or to utilize their contacts to explore opportunities.

You attended many showcases and college camps over the years…what are the positives and negatives.

DG: Positives: It increases comfort for players being in the spotlight playing and talking to coaches as well as allowing them to objectively see where they stack up against other players.
Negatives: Not all of them are run well and it’s difficult to stand out at some of the showcases and camps with limited chances to perform

You played with Mashfactory since its inception, then last summer played with an organization on the east coast. How did you benefit from those experiences?

DG: Mashfactory: The player development and coaching as well as the experience of traveling and playing a variety of teams
East Coast: Being able to see a different style of play and get in front of different coaches

Favorite MLB team, favorite big league hitter, and best memory playing baseball?

DG: Yankees, Miguel Cabrera, and winning a State Championship at Huntington Park last year

Last, any comments or suggestions to an underclassman who has decided he wants to play at the next level.

DG: Keep your grades up, pick schools based on academics and not just baseball, and finally be open to all options to look for the best fit

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